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Camp Nowhere (The Nightmare Room #9) Paperback by RL Stine

Camp Nowhere (The Nightmare Room #9) Paperback by RL Stine

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You hold in your hand the key to a shadow world of shivers and screams. Take a step away from the safe, comfortable world you know. Unlock the door to terror. There's always room for one more in ... The Nightmare Room.

Russell is a little worried about summer camp this year. He's a senior camper -- which means he has to go on the senior trip. It's a wild and dangerous canoe ride over Forbidden Falls. Some counselors tell a story about the senior campers who went over the Falls and were never seen again. But that can't be true -- can it? Russell climbs into the canoe, despite his fear. But he doesn't know he's really paddling straight into The Nightmare Room.

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