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How do you describe a missing world? Crystal Skillman's chilling THE NEW WORLD follows a mysterious speaker's audio diary after she wakes up to find her partner missing. Directed by Sarah Storm, the story is told by Ali Bailey.   

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Crystal Skillman is a four-time New York Times Critics Pick. She is the book writer for the musical MARY AND MAX and co-writer of KING KIRBY from the Broadway Podcast Network. She has also written for both Marvel and Adventure Time. Her new audio drama THE MAGICIAN'S MAGICIAN launches this fall.  

THE NEW WORLD is directed by Sarah Storm, co-founder of BOOM Integrated. Sarah is the producer of both the award-winning "Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel" and "This is Working with Daniel Roth" podcasts. She appears weekly with host Jessi Hempel on "LinkedIn Live" for Hello Monday Office Hours. Sarah is a member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, and The Dramatists' Guild.  

are you afraid of the dark? maybe you should be.   

SCARY STORIES AROUND THE FIRE is an ongoing audio horror anthology. Writers include Bryan Renaud, Savanna Rae, Bianca Phipps, and Crystal Skillman. Each campfire story features full sound design and a professional cast.

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